The Essence Behind Radio Advertising

Welcome to the Basics Radio advertising is based on the idea of creating an audio-only environment and placing the listener inside of it. A typical radio spot features a professional voice-over artist reading descriptive copy over an appropriate bed of background music. Important information may be repeated several times over the course of the spot, … Read More

5ives: No-No’s When Writing Radio

Radio is one of my top-three favorite media. (The others are billboards and guerrilla if you wanted to know.) Radio is the most rich and freeing media in the entire advertising landscape. It’s also the most abused. In this month’s installment of the 5ives, I’ll address five attributes that make this a killer medium and … Read More

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Surveys show that a growing amount of Americans regard advertising as an annoyance at best. Consumers may have forgotten that it’s advertising that has subsidized news and entertainment for decades providing radio and television content for free. Newspapers and magazines charge for content but the circulation income doesn’t come close to paying for the production … Read More