Absolute Marketing Group Hires Brian Jorvig as Marketing Advisor

Absolute Marketing Group has hired Brian Jorvig as a Marketing Advisor. Jorvig has more than a decade of experience with local and national clients and his expertise includes website optimization, content strategy and branding. The addition will expand Absolute’s regional reach and add to their team of expert strategists. A native of Woodbury, MN, Jorvig … Read More

Absolute Announces New Marketing Advisor

Moorhead, MN – Absolute Marketing Group has hired Wendy McCord as marketing advisor. McCord’s impressive résumé has made her an in-demand marketing and sales strategist and planner, previously working as an account executive for some of the area’s most prominent movers and shakers. McCord’s skill set is sizable and it shows in her record of success. … Read More

Trade Show Graphics: Know Your Role

Trade shows are a unique marketing animal. Trade shows are one of the few marketing options that will corral you next to your competitors for 12 hours, while an endless supply of potential customers come your way. Now isn’t the time to hold punches. Be aggressive. In this arena, graphics and traditional advertising strategies go … Read More

5ives: Simple Ways to Promote Your New Website

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t believe in the value of a website and the importance of having an online presence. However, many of those same individuals still believe that once a website is live, that site will promote itself. With increased competition online, it’s important that you market your website in … Read More

Seven Approaches to Ask for a Testimonial

Once you’ve overcome the awkwardness of requesting testimonials, it’s time to select a strategic approach to ask for a testimonial.  I have outlined seven versatile approaches to cover most circumstances. 1. Thanktimonial Tell the client that you appreciate their continued business and would like to express your gratitude by promoting their business in a marketing … Read More

Should we do this?

Several months ago, Luke posted an article titled, “Is This Possible?” talking about the limitless capabilities of the Internet. I’d like to take this idea one step further. The real question isn’t “Can we do this?” but “Should we do this? When it comes to website design and function, there are a lot of great … Read More

7 Tactics for Driving Traffic To Stores With Email

Posted with Permission – Article By: Chad White RECENTLY AN EMAIL EXPERIENCE COUNCIL member asked me whether retailers should drive sales online or offline with their email marketing. The marketer wanted to drive more store traffic, but wasn’t sure about all the ways to go about doing that. The added concern was that revenue was … Read More