2019 Digital Media Trends – Rise of the Planet of the Smart Speakers

Absolute Marketing Group

Alexa, turn up the lights. Google, what’s the weather like today? Siri, what’s the true meaning of life and why are we here? The answer to the last question is pizza, obviously. In today’s ever-shifting digital realm, smart speakers are finding their way into more-and-more people’s daily routines and presenting a new way for marketers … Read More

5ives: Digital Billboards – The Future is Happening Now.

Imagine you’re at a huge party. There’s a heavy back-beat thumping, making any attempt at conversation difficult. You’re surrounded by people dancing, chatting and generally in your space. You mingle around, trying to meet new people. One person says, “Tell me about yourself.” You get eight seconds and only six words. Go!….8, 7, 6, 5, … Read More

JL Beers® App Expands the Local Pub Experience

JL Beers® has released a Beer Experience™ mobile app to inform and connect customers. The app has been an immediate success with patrons who have smartphones. Lance Thorson, co-owner of JL Beers of America, Inc. stated, “The new app creates a sense of community by allowing customers to view our constantly changing selections of tap beers, … Read More

The Knowhow of Text Marketing

The Facts of Text Marketing In today’s ever changing economy, most people have a general idea as to what text marketing is; but what about those who don’t? Text marketing entails marketing on or with a mobile device, in most instances a cell phone. Text messaging technology enables users to communicate in a nonsynchronous manner, … Read More

Absolute Marketing Recognized by the North Dakota Young Professionals Network

Absolute Marketing Group was acknowledged as a runner up in the 2011 Best Places to Work, as selected by the North Dakota Young Professionals Network (NDYP). The NDYP find it important to “recognize businesses that provide high-quality jobs and a work environment enticing to and in support of young professionals.” Also awarded the Best Place … Read More

5ives: QR Code Woes and 5 Easy Fixes

QR Codes are everywhere. As the hottest trend in marketing since social media, a lot of people are experimenting with this new technology. Like any experiment, some results work and some blow up in your face. This explosion of QR Codes in Fargo-Moorhead has generated some good ideas, but more often than not,  has wasted … Read More

TV’s Evolution is No Cause for Concern

Nowadays, the question isn’t so much, “what’s on TV?” rather, the question is “what type of TV are you watching?” In the last 50 years, television has gone from a three-station, living room campfire to a portable, consumer-driven entertainment medium. Much like the portable radio and cassette player transformed audio consumption in the ’70s and ’80s,  DVRs … Read More