Absolute Launches Energy Summit Website

Absolute is excited about the launch of The State of Energy Summit 2011 website. Hosted by The Chamber, the summit attracts the best and brightest in the energy sector. Absolute Marketing Group worked closely with The Chamber this past month to pull the website and other elements together. The result is an event that promises … Read More

Mobile Mania: Tips for Creating a Phone Friendly Website

As the move continues towards an Internet that is increasingly being accessed by mobile devices, businesses must be absolutely sure that they are prepared for the people that are trying to find them on the Web through a mobile device. What can a business do to be prepared for this? Simple. Test your website on … Read More

5ives: More Angling Analogies to Reel In Web Traffic

Luke Petterson’s most recent article “Does Your Website Have Tentacles?” talks about how to make sure your website is capable of reaching out and bringing in visitors. For this installment of the 5ives, I’d like to keep with the aquatic theme to help give a new perspective on some of the core principles of website … Read More

Does Your Web Site Have Tentacles?

Think of your website as a creature in the ocean. Yeah, it’s a weird analogy, but let’s go with it. The ocean is the Internet with vast open waters and unexplored depths. Your website is floating around out there, ready to be found by anybody diving into the ocean. How easy is it going to be for people … Read More

Manually Install php on WampServer

In my last blog post, I said that I like having a development environment on my computer (running Windows 7). I use WampServer to do this. I especially like that WampServer allows you to have multiple versions of php (and MySQL and Apache) installed. You can switch between versions in the WampServer menu on the … Read More

Making SQL Server 2008 and php Play Nice

I like having a local development environment when I’m working on new or existing projects. This means that if I blow something up, it’s just on my local machine and not on either the staging server or (God forbid) the live server. It’s an added level of sanity for me (I can revert back to … Read More