Client Spotlight: PATH Inc.

Last month, Absolute Ma rketing Group was in the process of creating a new website for PATH Inc. This non-profit child and family placing agency is a community based behavioral health organization with a rich history of family values and quality service. Absolute proudly launched PATH’s new website – The new website is designed to … Read More

5ives: Absolute Makes Your Website Easy. Reeelly Easy.

Picture this: Two figures. In full-body, spandex suits. Ninja-style moves and…an iPad. What? Wait a minute… The iPad starts a slideshow. It says: “I’m Flexible. I Can Fit In Monitors, Smartphones & Tablets. Can You? That’s Because You’re Not As Easy As Me.” You’re thinking, “I just came to this after-hours work event for the … Read More

Three Things Your Website Should Be Doing For Your Small Business Right Now

Most small businesses have a website at this point. If you don’t, you should get one. But since you already have one (we’ll just assume you do), it’s time to analyze what it’s doing for your business. Is your website working with you or against you? Working For You Without Making You Work Hard Your … Read More

Take Advantage of Responsive Web Design

If you haven’t heard about responsive web design, it’s time to start paying attention. What is it? Responsive web design is a method of developing a website that allows the site to detect what type of browser the visitor is using or what size browser window the visitor is using, and then: Morph the overall … Read More

5ives: Easy-to-Break Habits with Responsive Web Design

The Web continues to evolve with design in mind. (Hooray.) As designers, or simply web aficionados, we ought to support the advances by changing our thinking when it comes to web design. The prevalence of smartphone browsers and mobile websites spurred the development of responsive web design. It’s up to the designers and developers to … Read More

Absolute Launches Energy Summit Website

Absolute is excited about the launch of The State of Energy Summit 2011 website. Hosted by The Chamber, the summit attracts the best and brightest in the energy sector. Absolute Marketing Group worked closely with The Chamber this past month to pull the website and other elements together. The result is an event that promises … Read More