Take Advantage of Responsive Web Design

If you haven’t heard about responsive web design, it’s time to start paying attention. What is it? Responsive web design is a method of developing a website that allows the site to detect what type of browser the visitor is using or what size browser window the visitor is using, and then: Morph the overall … Read More

5ives: Easy-to-Break Habits with Responsive Web Design

The Web continues to evolve with design in mind. (Hooray.) As designers, or simply web aficionados, we ought to support the advances by changing our thinking when it comes to web design. The prevalence of smartphone browsers and mobile websites spurred the development of responsive web design. It’s up to the designers and developers to … Read More

Post Date Calendar Style for WordPress Thematic Child Theme

Working with the Thematic framework for WordPress can be really fun, especially when you have the freedom to use filters on the meta information for posts to style your post date to look like a calendar. What it looks like originally: The result after some filtering and styling: Goal: Modify a child-theme of Thematic to … Read More

Why Blog?

Need a low-cost Web presence? You might want to consider a blog. Blog. It’s an Internet buzzword/phenomenon. Google the word “blog” and you’ll get over two billion results returned. Everyone’s talking about them, and it seems everyone’s got one. But what good are they to your small business or organization? You might be surprised to … Read More

51 Essential WordPress Plugins (and bonus functions!)

After working with WordPress for several years and combing through countless “top 10” WordPress plugin blog posts for plugins that A. Work well and B. Are updated regularly and don’t break with core upgrades (often), I’ve come up with my own cache of WordPress plugins I go back to on a regular basis to get … Read More

WordPress MU – Taming the Beast

I just finished up a project that involved an impromptu introduction to WordPress MU – THE mother of all blog-related projects for Absolute (so far). In about one month, we set up 27 blog sites (one of which is a site to rule them all), developed 3 unique themes (with 16 different customizations for each … Read More

WP Greet Box – remind your visitors to subscribe to your RSS feed

Today I found a nifty WordPress plugin that gently reminds new visitors to your blog to subscribe to your RSS feed. WP Greet Box shows up when visitors view a post, and even customizes the experience based on where the user arrived from (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). You’ll probably notice it directly above this text … Read More

Create an Explore block to display general info about your posts in WordPress

So, how do you get your readers to explore the rest of your blog posts? Maybe you can offer them some more information about the post they’re on, as well as some convenient links to the post(s) immediately following or preceding the post they’re looking at. The magic code, which you’ll want to add into … Read More